Why do I need more followers?

With the advent of social media platforms, much of digital marketing has become a popularity contest. Businesses strive to become top-of-mind. It is this effect that has turned some businesses into the indisputable champions of their field. Companies such as Kleenex have become synonymous with tissue paper and Google has made its way into English vernacular as a term that means “to search.” A necessary, but by no means sufficient, manner of achieving this goal is to reach as many people as possible. Growing to thousands of followers across your social media channels empowers your brand and adds credence to your business.

More often than not, consumers completely disregard businesses of which they are not aware. And particularly on social media, if your business is lagging in terms of following, users will rarely acknowledge it. Our efforts are focused on this aim. Building a substantial and relevant following for businesses and their brand is what we strive for.

This effort is twofold. While quantity is undeniably important, quality also holds its place. It is a complex, intermingled balance between the two that usually wins out in the end. Using social media to build real relationships with relevant followers definitely wins the battle over gaining followers just for the sake of gaining followers. It’s not just important to have a following but to have a following that truly desires to follow your brand.

With the same token, if your brand is releasing spectacular content but your profiles have a mere couple-hundred followers, the likelihood of driving engagement and increasing awareness is being lost. Striking the perfect balance between growing in terms of quantity, while keeping quality in mind, is the key to achieving the goals of your brand.

Our time is dedicated to building these balanced audiences for the brands that we represent. Rapid growth and active engagement is a surefire way to begin the process of building your brand. But much in life is hit or miss, and there’s no reason to suspect social media to be any different. Much of it hinges on the content being provided to your audience that dictates whether or not your brand will remain relevant. And targeting large, relevant audiences is crucial to maintaining the steam driving your brand. By engaging with consumers that have shown similar interests, we unlock the door to building the relevant audience your business and brand need.

Our strategies are tailored to your business and brand, because no two are completely alike.

One of the questions we receive most often is, “How many followers do I need?” While there is an ideal answer to this question, namely, all of them, the reality is that there is no golden ticket (or number, in this case). But so long as the growth of your brand and its ability to maintain relevance are at the forefront, your following, however large or small, will continue to choose your brand. A simple means to gauge how effective these strategies are is to compare the growth of your social media channels with their respective engagement. It is one of the most indicative clues that you are well on your way to social media gold!

And the key component to keeping your followers is not to neglect your account! Your audience is following you because of the content driving your brand and the cumulative message your brand represents. You cannot remain relevant if weeks go by without content being delivered to your followers. Constant posting and daily content ensures that your followers will have a means of remembering you and pave the road to reaching a top-of-mind brand.