7 Useful Tips to Grow Your Instagram

Is your Instagram not performing as well as you would like? The Content Marketing Institute recently revealed that if this is true, it’s largely because we’re using it wrong. Social media are powerful platforms through which we can create content and build a loyal audience, so knowing precisely how to create and manage these profiles should be a top priority. Below, we’ve compiled a list of seven tips to help you get your Instagram game on!


1.      Upload a Profile Image/Bio

First impressions matter, and the very first glimpse an Instagram user gets about your brand is its profile image and bio. Along with a sharp image of your brand’s logo, or yourself if the profile is a personal page, you should create a descriptive and engaging bio that will catch everyone’s attention before they start looking at your visual portfolio. Try using text editing software, like Microsoft Word, to format your bio with visual icons, font changes, or centered text – formatting changes will be carried over when you paste the text onto your profile bio.

2.      Consistent Posting

Post, post, post! Instagram users have decided to follow your account for its content – don’t neglect your audience! Consistent posting reinforces your brand, serving as constant reminders of your product or services. Arrange a posting schedule that fits with your daily routine. Such a structure will ensure that your followers are not left guessing in the dark, but know exactly when to expect a post. You may find yourself asking, “When’s the best time to post?” There’s no one answer; research your audience and find out what time is likely to result in the most reach. Do your posts have to follow a rigid schedule? Absolutely not! Spontaneity can be just as rewarding as a schedule – the message to take home is “Post, post, post!”

3.      Engage Your Community

Engagement is the key to keep an active community of followers. Browse through different profiles and search for relevant people that fit your target audience. Introduce yourself or business page to as many of these relevant followers as possible. Reaching out to others is the best way to get noticed around the web. View their page and give meaningful feedback to potential followers. Since interaction on Instagram is largely based on the exchange of feedback/comments, doing so will increase the likelihood of a comment being reciprocated or gaining a new follower!

4.      Follow and Unfollow

While searching for Instagram users, don’t forget to follow accounts that are related to your image or brand. These users will receive a notification informing them that they have received a follow from your page. At the very least, this will inspire the user to visit your page and find out what you and your business are about. If, up to this point, you have worked diligently to create a profile with a strong presence, the likelihood of piquing their interest and gaining a new follower will be increased. On the other hand, don’t forget to unfollow some users - follower space is limited, so spruce up the list of profiles that your account follows to free up the space being taken up by bots or inactive users.

5.      Like Related Content

Like what you like and all things related to your brand or industry. Aside from engaging a user with comments, liking is a surefire way to drive some user traffic onto your profile. Find users or topics related to your industry and start liking the users and posts that you feel are closely related to your brand and the image you wish to project. Social media are, by and large, communities. Foster this sense of community by liking relevant user posts. This is a quick and easy way to be noticed.

6.      Post Sharp and Clear Content

Instagram is a social media platform primarily based on the exchange of images. Some posts happen to be video recordings, but the following tip applies just the same, whether an image or video: Always post the sharpest, clearest content available. Unless purposefully blurred out of focus, no one enjoys blurry, pixelated images. Take some time to master some photo-taking techniques. You don’t need to become a professional photographer (although, why not?), but the amount of effort and work that you put into posting crisp, sharp content will reflect on how your brand is received. Shoddy work is not appreciated in this digital age. If you’re making use of photo-editing software, be sure all aspects are easily and readily discernable, especially if any text is being included on the image. By providing your audience with the best quality of images, you’ll be sure to retain their support.

 7.      Share and Tag Other Posts

As mentioned earlier, social media are communities. Hundreds of millions of users engage daily. Give back to your community by sharing related content that also serves to beef up your own page. Don’t forget to credit the user, though! Current social media trends include sharing of user content to build a sense of community and belonging. Feel free to tag other users on content that you feel is of common interest. You expand your reach and ability to create a buzz by encouraging user interaction.

So if you're looking to give your Instagram a boost in terms of followers, or just fresh new approach, keep these tips in mind! Social media are meant to be used in real-time and in an engaging fashion. Followers want a reason to follow you - give them several with empowering content!